Do you have a stubborn double chin that you want to get rid of?  Well, the good news is that surgery isn't the only option anymore!


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Dermal fillers can be used to safely and quickly improve the appearance of the lower face. Watch as Dr. Harry Wright injects dermal filler into a patient who was interested in improving the marionette lines and jawline, a procedure some call the "liquid facelift"! 

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The following is an email we received this week, but we get feedback like this all the time:

"My whole life I've battled acne, but it grew exceptionally worse as an adult in the last few years. This was very stressful for me because I am a model and actress. I suffered for 2 years from hormonal acne, and I saw three different dermatologists about it. I tried numerous oral and topical antibiotics and creams that cost upwards of $300 even with insurance. Nothing worked. My skin would be clear for maybe 1 day out of the month on all these expensive medications. I was tired of polluting my body with more and more drugs.

"After visiting Desirée, she explained to me that my acne problems were an internal issue and creams and antibiotics were just masking the problem. For the first time, an aesthetician wasn't trying to sell me expensive creams or miracle skin products. She did a hydra-facial, and gave me tons of information on how to heal my colon and my entire system at home. I also discovered that my biggest cause was a birth control IUD implant. Once I had the IUD removed, went through some detoxifying methods on my own, and used the inexpensive product she recommended that contains micronized silver, my acne was completely gone in just one month!!

"Not only is my acne finally clear, my skin also looks much younger, clearer, smoother, and more radiant! She was right, great skin starts from within! Thank you Desirée for giving me back my confidence!"

                                                                                                 -- J.F. of Sarasota, Florida, via email


Thanks Des, you rock!!!


Recently I answered this question from a Realself user in Vero Beach, who was "Looking for the rhinoplasty specialist who can make my nose beautiful"

The question: "Most facial plastic surgeons can turn an unattractive nose into a nice looking one. My nose is not unattractive. But it is not a beautiful central spot in my face. For that it would have to have a more refined tip and nostrils. Which physician believes to be artistic enough to accomplish this? I will send you my pictures and will travel to any place in the US."

Realself user mariannevero, Vero Beach, Florida


My response: 

"When consulting with patients regarding their expectations, there are requests that automatically give me pause.  One of those is the desire for the nose to be made a 'masterpiece', a work of art that stands alone as exemplary of our aesthetic ideals.

The reason why this causes angst is that the goals of rhinoplasty are not to create a stand-alone masterpiece, but to eliminate and minimize features that are distracting for patients.  Sometimes that's as straightforward as lowering a bump on the bridge of the nose.  At other times it's much more subtle, like tip refinement, and that is why your conversations with your surgeon are so imperative. In my opinion you want the postop nose to blend into the face in a harmonious way that is not a distracting feature, but rather a complimentary feature for your lips, eyes, etc.  The Mona Lisa stands out as a masterpiece... a well-done rhinoplasty does not.  It just fits so well that no one should ever suspect it."


The idea is that your results should look more like this...

 (patient of Harry V. Wright MD)


...and less like this:


Dr. Wright


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Year after year the two most popular injectables are Botulinum toxin (BOTOX, Dysport and Xeomin) which surpassed 4 million procedures, and hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm Ultra/Ultra Plus, Voluma, Perlane, Restylane, Belotero) which surpassed 2 million procedures for the first time. 

To see a video of Dr. Harry Wright performing a cheek augmentation with Voluma, go to (

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